Pebbles on the Beach

The other day I was speaking with someone about the amazing amounts of inspirational information one can stumble upon on the internet.

There really is so much one can see while surfing the world wide web... A blog post here, a book recommendation there, a quote over here, a tweet over there...

She mentioned that in this vast amount of information,  it is a choice to pick and choose what is most valuable.  Like collecting pebbles on the beach, you see so many, you step carefully over some, some get squished into the sand by your toes and yet others are so amazing that you are inspired to you to pick them up and hold on to them.

Each unique in color, texture, weight... Some are big, some are small.  Some are perfect in shape, some have holes right through the middle...

Now imagine collecting all these pebbles and then putting them in a jar... We keep them because they are pretty, we keep them because they are important, we keep them because we found them and we are proud.

This is just like keeping all those special articles, blogs, books, quotes and more in our minds...  We value these little tidbits so much,  and sometimes we don't realize the impact that one of these tidbits might have on us.

Have you ever read a book because someone said it was great?

Have you ever changed your thought process because of an article you read?

Have you ever applied a tip to your own business and it helped you?

Have you ever written down a quote and put it on your vision board or used it as an affirmation?

Next time you find a valuable tid bit of information on the web, liken it to a pebble on the beach and save that pebble in your jar.  Value it, cherish it, enjoy it!

Alethea Anderson
Collecting Pebbles

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