Pyramid Pan - Found at Rite Aid and Not "As (not) Seen on TV"

So I was at a Rite Aid the other day and noticed they had an "As Seen on TV!" section - so I browsed a bit and the Pyramid Pan caught my eye.  I, had not actually seen it on TV... As seen at Rite Aid I guess I could say!

Any-who... I am not usually one of those gimmick shoppers, the last thing I got from TV was The Magic Bullet, which I love - and I admit I am considering The NutriBullet.  But - back to the Pyramid Pan.

I looked at this oddly shaped piece of silicone, rolled up in a little box pondering why exactly it was called a 'pan'.  And, well, after reading said box, I got one...  I thought it'd be great for cooking my Chicken Parmesan as well as potato wedges and things of the like.  The food is elevated onto the raised points, and does not have to be flipped.  he heat and air circulates all around the food.  No flipping, no sticking!  In my world it seems that no matter the method I use, end up having some sticking going on... so it seemed worth the $14 or so that I spent.

Last night I wanted to make my fabulous Garlic Rosemary Potatoes with dinner so I busted out the Pyramid Pan, placed it on a cookie sheet, made my taters and put the pan to work.

Per the instructions, the oven needs to be a bit hotter, and you need to be prepared to cook the food a little longer.  Yes and yes... I turned the oven up about 25 degrees hotter, and the taters took a LOT longer...

However I did notice that they were cooking nicely, and that all the excess moisture was dripping into the 'pan' and not creating that sticking I know all to well.  The only bummer is that I did not realize how much potatoes 'sweated' and since I used a flat sided cookie sheet and not a rimmed cookie sheet I had to do a little foil intervention to prevent a dripping mess inside the oven.

When they were done cooking, they came right off, no issue, no sticks and delicious!  Though I did not get the usual crispy brown edges, they were actually the perfect amount of crisp and the family ate 'em up...

It took a little creative placement to figure out a way for the Pyramid Pan to fit in the dishwasher, poingint a way it would actually get cleaned and yet not flopping over or blocking any jets.  It cleaned nicely and is ready for its next cooking adventure.  I will indeed use this handy dandy "As Seen on TV!" (at Rite Aid) gizmo again!

Alethea Anderson

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