What Kind of Christmas Card Sender are You?

Tis the season; floods of colorful cards filling mail boxes with wishes of cheer, happy holidays and merry Christmas.  Notes of joy, love and happy New Year's...

Over the years I've narrowed down a few 'types' of Christmas card senders:

  • Sealed With a Kiss : this is the person who finds joy in sending out cards each year.  This person selects the perfect cards at the store with the perfect holiday greeting then takes time to thoughtfully choose their list of recipients.  Hand addresses each envelope, writes a personal message and/or a summary of the last year's goings on, goes to the post office and selects the perfect holiday stamps and seals each card with love and a smile.
  • Sealed With Obligation : this is the person who sends cards because they feel they 'have' to send cards.  They print a list of address labels for everyone in their address book, and sign their name quickly to each card.  Any cards and any stamps will do, once the job is done, they can move on.
  • Sealed With Reciprocation : this is the person who waits until they receive a Christmas card in the mail, then they send one in response.  Playing the "I'll send cards to those who send cards to me" game.
I love sending out cards, I select a card that I feel is pretty and has a nice message within.  I hand write the envelope as well as a message inside.  The message may vary in length, i.e. people whom I'm in contact with may get a shorter message than a person whom I want to catch up with.

Do you think fewer people mail heartfelt Christmas Cards these days?  Do you think fewer people mail Christmas cards in general these days?

Alethea Anderson

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